Quality island : Great reputation-excellent investment

  There are two types of companies : short-lived and creators.

 Short-lived thinking about money only.  Quality ? Safety ? Reputation? Only profit.

 Creators - persistent and patient. Year after year.  Brick by brick building their future.

 Quality? A must. Safety ?  Well being of people is very important. Reputation ? Priceless.

 Work that we are proud of

   Simple parts.  What to be proud of ?  A lot to be proud of.  Since company conception in 1993  "Quality Island" we always conduct our business  honestly.  We required certification for every bolt and nut. We took back any damaged parts no questions asked. Double checked suppliers  and quality of materials not to let down our clients. We tried hard to earn good reputation.

 What did we achieve ? What we tried to achieve:

   We have wonderful staff.  Office conveniently located for the customer in the center of the city, good salaries. Despite difficult times in our country our profits  continue to grow. Coincidence ? No honest conduct of the business always pays off.

    National business rating of the Ukraine three times in the row awarded  us "Best in our Industry" award.  During  2010-2012    our company was # 1. In 2013 we received additional award " Best small business LVIV region".

    We are the most proud of our CLIENTS. Large agricultural  enterprises, producers of the bread, meat, milk, distributors and salesman, car technical service stations  and small companies, also just auto owners. We achieved trust and stability only because we knew we are working for the future and we wanted to achieve  # 1 status. We are sure we achieved this!

 Word from Company Director

    My name is Andriy Derevyanchenko. "Quality Island"  my business project as well as my lifetime business. I invested into "Quality Island" tons of nerves, time and almost half of my life. I value very much what I achieved  and sincerely sharing the best with you.

    We all worked very hard to bring corporate service   to high world standard. Our staff  was trained by leading world lecturer like John Tschohl,  Brian Tracy. We did our own internal training for the employees as well as external training by world class trainers.

    Today our successes is obvious. We have beautiful office and our own auto park,  store with modern design. In spite of  three economic crisis (1998,2008, 2013-2015) we are stable company that continues to grow.

 Choosing us you choose honesty, partnership and opportunity for future growth!



Our mission:  become the place that you prefer to make your purchases, because of the best offers and first class service, acceding all your expectations!

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We don't exaggerate. We are "Quality Island" and quality is our philosophy... Quality of  the work. Quality of the parts. Quality of the customer service.