Dedicated to all who suffered from freezing

in the cold or burning up standing in the heat

by the broken car,

who became the victim of the poor quality parts,

or incompetent sales people or mechanics... 

Story about one good company

Situation one, sad

   Early morning. Joining with red eye due to lack  of  the sleep driver gets behind a wheel of his "not so new" car. He woke-up before alarm, because he knows his car starting in the morning is like a  lottery. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you don’t. It’s best not to take a chance and leave 1/2 hour earlier. Today is his lucky day, car started on the second try. While the car is worming up, the driver is quietly whispering the prayer. When you drive "not very new" car and buy parts wherever, even atheist are learning how to prey. That’s life......

Situation two, correct one

   Every morning driver with a smile after a good cup of coffee leisurely gets in his "not so new" car. He overslept and left house a little latter than usual, but it’s not a problem. He knows he will make it on time. His car is reliable. It’s not a premium class, but good parts and service do the magic. Car makes "happy" sound and starts immediately. The driver turns on the radio, happily whistling to the music and starts his morning drive. He is in a good mood. He is sure it’s going to be good day.

Whet the difference ?

The same morning. The same cars. Even could be the same driver.

One difference:

First driver buys spare parts wherever when needed, that is why he never sure about anything.

Second already buys parts only from "QUALITY ISLAND". He knows everything going to be alright.



  " Hello my name is Andrey Derevyanchenko  . I am founder of the "Quality island", main generator of ideas, and simply positive person. This presentable looking man in an expensive suit and nice glasses is me.

   I am sorry if you were expecting director of the company that sells auto parts wearing boots, oily uniform, and a Russian hat. Some may look just like the description above. I believe business is business and if it's yours you can become successful doing anything."

If you have a few minutes I would like to take you on a tour of our company. You will understand why not  very big company "Quality Island" got three times prestigious industry awards. Why even during crisis we continue to grow and why we stop worrying about competition a long time ago. 

   Everything started simple in the 90s 20th century.  Chaos, inflation, and "other fine things of life". During that time hundreds of companies like ours were created. Only few survived. W e did not only survived, but grew significantly since that time.


Photo is our office. I always believed and still do that people can't work well in poor conditions. For any human being to want to go to work, they have to have good working conditions. It does not matter what you are selling. gold, gas, or just car parts.



These are our wonderful co-workers. Without them nothing would have happened.  They are a strong and smart team  is very powerful. That is precisely why I tried to provide a lot of training. We are not ideal, we have our moments, we have serious conversations with strong exchanges. But all of this is petty.  The most important thing is, that we all understand, if a client is happy we will be happy. That is why we are working towards the same goal as a team.  





No we did not rent cars for the nice photo. What you see are ours cars. The cars our employees use to conduct business. Sometimes they are used for leisure also.  Sorry one more time, if you were expecting to see beat up cars. Stereotypes are strong. Beat up autos is not our style. Serious business should have everything top notch: from autos and office, even good coffee for the clients. This is scenario we use to develop "Quality Island". That is why we are growing every year.


   Our store. We could have said thousand of words, how we like our clients and how we are selfless. But everyone says this, you would not want to read this.  That is why we will say truthfully : it is in our best interest to love our clients very much.

   When we love our clients its reflects positively in our income. We love our clients ,each one of them.  This is not standard but honest.

To sun it all up

   Company named "Quality Island" not because it sounds good. Quality is our philosophy. Quality of work performed. Quality of parts used. Quality communications with our clients. Everywhere we look for quality. That is why we like what we do . To slack off is boring , but always improving quality is always profitable and endless business.

   I am sure you will like our business attitude. Stop over any time.

Even stop over for a cup of coffee. We will be happy to see you !


 Respectfully  Andrey Derevyanchenko and whole staff of the good company "Quality Island"